The Best Ping Pong Balls To Have To Get Your Game On

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Some people may wonder if there really is such a thing as the best ping pong balls because they all appear the same. However, table tennis enthusiasts and professionals will quickly say that there is a difference between low-quality and high-quality ping pong balls.

Because several different companies sell table tennis balls, it’s essential to know what key factors to look for. The quality of your product will determine how long it lasts, as well as if you can use it in an official Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) game.

To start, you likely have questions about what sets the best ping pong balls apart from the others.

Best Ping Pong Balls FAQs


Thankfully, there are plenty of others who have had questions about the best ping pong balls. In fact, many of them probably had the same questions as you. Looking at ping pong ball FAQs can give you a head start in your search for the best ping pong balls.

Are there different kinds of table tennis balls?

There are actually quite a few different kinds of ping pong balls. Some of them consist of polystyrene, and others are celluloid, but the polystyrene ones are ITTF-approved.

There are also seamed and seamless balls. Seamed ping pong balls have a definitive seam that wraps around the entire ball, whereas seamless ones are one solid piece of material. It’s important to note that the seamed variety tends to break much easier than the seamless ones.

What are the different ratings available for ping pong balls?

Companies rate their products between one and three stars, with the best ping pong balls having a rating of three stars. Three-star table tennis balls are ITTF-approved and are durable enough to handle heavy hits. One-star balls are much more fragile and are best for amateurs and children.

You can also purchase training ping pong balls, and they don’t have a star rating. They are also fairly fragile and are best for only use in training. Official games and tournaments don’t allow the use of training balls.

Does the color matter?

If you’ll be playing table tennis at home, the color of the balls does not matter. If you plan to play seriously, the ITTF only allows them in white and orange. This is because these colors are much easier to see than, say, blue and purple ping pong balls.

How should I care for the best ping pong balls?

In order to make the best ping pong balls last, you need to care for them properly. This includes keeping them away from wet environments, picking them up off the floor, and avoiding leaving them in direct sunlight.

How We Reviewed

table tennis

In order to help you find the best ping pong balls on the market, we had to conduct a good amount of research. Thankfully, many articles agree that the same companies make the best table tennis products.

We examined articles that gave their own reviews of products, as well as a variety of customer reviews on Amazon.

You can rest assured that all of the best ping pong balls have great customer reviews and are readily available for you to purchase. You should not have to deal with a sub-par product when several brands are much better.

The Best Ping Pong Balls on the Market

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Thankfully, several different companies make the best ping pong balls. That makes it so you can choose the type of ball you prefer without losing out on quality. Some people will tell you that one brand is superior, but for the most part, it comes down to personal preference.

By having all of the best ping pong balls in one place, it makes it much more convenient for you to conduct your own research. You can see both the advantages and disadvantages of each brand, making it easier to decide which ones are the best table tennis balls for you.


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Kevenz offers a pack of 60 ping pong balls in either white or orange for a great price. They are 40+ millimeters, which means that this seamed product consists of polystyrene (plastic). They also have the three-star label, meaning that they are one of the most durable table tennis balls available.

Kevenz ensures that each ball has a 0.86-millimeter wall that balances the weight all around. That allows the ball to move in the direction intended without any wobbling. Each one also weighs 2.75 grams, which makes it a heavy ping pong ball compared to other brands.

The most significant disadvantage to these balls is that they are too heavy for IFFT regulations, so you can’t use them in official games.


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This pack of Stiga ping pong balls comes in a pack of 38, and they are on the more expensive side than the Kevenz brand. This particular pack consists of one-star balls too, so you can’t use them in official games and tournaments. They do meet ITTF size, weight, and color regulations though, so they are great for practice.

The biggest disadvantage to these balls is that they are more prone to break because they are only one star balls. However, most casual players love them. They are a bit on the expensive side, so you won’t want to hit them as hard if you want them to last.


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Xushaofa offers the best ping pong balls if you want a seamless ball. They also meet all of the ITTF size, weight, and color regulations so that you can use them for both professional and casual use. As you can probably guess, these plastic ping pong balls have the three-star rating.

This pack comes with six balls, and they are quite expensive compared to the other brands. However, this high-quality product is worth the price. The fact that it’s seamless allows the most bounce control than any other seamed ball.

Customers love the control they have over the ball and its durability.


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Mapol is another company that others tend to recommend for the best ping pong ball. This pack has 60 balls that all have a three-star rating. However, they are not ITTF-approved.

Customers love the weight and control they have with this product. They also are durable, with some customers keeping the same ones for years with light use. Though you can’t compete with these balls, they are great for casual play.

Some customers have reported uneven balls that were not even spherical. Because the price is lower than many of the brands, they likely won’t all have the same quality.


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If you want to go big, this pack of 100 Tadick ping pong balls is the way to go. While these ones have the rating of three stars, they are not ITTF-approved. That is likely due to the customer reviews that state that these are actually celluloid ping pong balls.

The weight can vary between 2.7 and 2.85 grams, and the diameter will be between 40.1 and 40.25 millimeters. They have a good bounce and are durable.

When it comes to price, these table tennis balls are a steal for the sheer number you receive.


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One of the other brands that stands out from the others is Butterfly. This pack of three balls is a bit on the pricey side, but many find the quality well worth the price. The ITTF has approved these balls, so they meet all of the regulations for professional use.

Butterfly ensures that each ball has the same thickness all around, which gives it a consistent bounce. While these are plastic ping pong balls, many love that these balls have the same feel as traditional celluloid ones.

While there are not many downsides, other than the price, customers have mistakenly purchased fake Butterfly table tennis balls. Be sure to check that your product comes from a reliable source before making the purchase.


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Like Tadick, SpringZ also offers a pack of 100 three-star ping pong balls. They are not quite as cheap as the ones from Tadick, but they still come at a great price. These are also great if you don’t want to commit to a single color because half of them are white and half are orange.

While these balls are not ITTF-approved, they are great if you only intend to play at home. Most customers find these balls consistent in their bounce and claim that they will purchase them again.

The only downside is the fact that they are cheap and most likely not as durable as some of the other best ping pong ball brands. 


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GoGo ping pong balls are another big name to ping pong enthusiasts. This particular set comes with 12 three-star balls that are perfect for professional training. While they meet most of the ITTF regulations, the fact that they are celluloid balls keeps them away from tournament use.

One neat aspect of these table tennis balls is that they come in a container that makes storage easy and safe. They also offer excellent control, and they last a long time.

When it comes to price, these balls are in the medium range. They aren’t too expensive, but they aren’t cheap, either.


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If you want to go to games and tournaments in style, you should check out the pack of 18-pack of three-star Joola table tennis balls. It comes with a carrying case for all 18 balls, and it can fit two paddles as well.

These balls are ITTF-approved, so you are better off using these for professional use only. However, you can also use them for casual use if you want them to last quite a while. They are fun to play with for both amateurs and professionals.

When it comes to price, you really can’t beat the deal you get with these Joola balls and carrying case. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that the case probably isn’t super great quality. 

Up Your Game With the Best Ping Pong Balls


If you did not know before, you now know that there are several kinds of ping pong balls on the market. Though they all have similar, if not the same, designs, some brands offer the best ping pong balls on the market.

In order to find the best product for you, it’s important to consider your own needs. If you are a casual player, you won’t need ITTF-approved balls. However, if you are a heavy hitter, you are better off choosing a product with a rating of three stars.

Professionals, on the other hand, will need to choose balls for practice and for games. As long as the product meets regulations, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Once you have the best table tennis balls on your side, you’ll notice a significant improvement in how you play the game.

Did your favorite brand of ping pong balls make it on the list? Tell us about your favorite in the comments section.


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