The Best Pool Table Brands That Are Worth the Investment

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Finding the perfect pool table for you may seem like a tough journey, but it doesn’t have to be. When looking at the best pool table brands, there are six factors to understand.

The first is the slate. It’s one of the best materials to create a pool table with and is highly sought after. Next comes the legs, which hold almost all the weight of the table. Unstable legs make for a terrible pool table experience.

The slate is no good if you don’t have an excellent frame. The wood underneath is the framework of the pool table that the slate sits on. Also, the cloth/felt is essential to ensuring you have a smooth playing experience. Rails are also crucial, and natural rails are better than synthetic ones.

Lastly, the playing equipment the table comes with needs looking over before making a purchase. These six factors make up the entire pool table experience.

Product Comparison Table 

[amazon box=”B07HRQDVXG, B076112PYR, B00LPEBDN8, B07BFH45H7, B018E2LLTY, B000VUDC22, B076615L51, B00KMFRKRY, B07BZYGT12″ template=”table”]

The Different Types Of Pool Tables

A ton of different types of pool tables exist, but there’s a handful that are the most common. First up is the standard table. Eight feet of pure pool fun make up the standard table, and customers buy this the most.

The large table cranks up the difficulty just a bit and is best suited for experienced players. Perfect for veterans of the game. Along with the large table, you have the bar version of the pool table.

The bar pool table is shorter at seven feet long and makes for a more competitive game once it gets going. Last but not least is the mini pool table. Children love the mini pool table, and it’s a great addition to your children’s playroom.

Where To Buy Them

Pool tables are available on Amazon, and some sporting goods stores sell them. Other retailers such as Target carry them as well.

The Best Pool Table Brands That Are Worth the Investment

Depending on the brand, mini pool tables usually cost anywhere from $45 to $100, and standard pool tables reach into the $600 to $2,000 range. The large ones get expensive and run up to $5,000, and the bar style tables are similar in price to the standard tables.

With that in mind, read on to see which brands of pool tables are at the top of their game.


[amazon link=”B00AFUFT2Y” title=”Rack Draco” /]

[amazon box=”B00AFUFT2Y”]

Rack Draco pool tables are one of the best pool table brands in the business. They consistently put out quality work, and this becomes evident when you look at some of their most popular tables. Specifically, they sell a table that comes complete with everything you could ever ask for in a pool table.

One of the first things to jump out is quality because Maplewood cue sticks mean you get Grade A material with your equipment.

The table is seven feet in length, and Rack Draco built the table to support a lot of weight. Even bigger players don’t need to worry about damaging the table.

On the business side of things, live customer support helps you out if you need it. That’s why this pool table earned 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with no negative comments from customers at this time.

Customers commented on how easy to assemble the pool table is, and with a price between , Rack Draco makes all other companies take notice because of their numerous attractive qualities.


[amazon link=”B07661QL6X” title=”Lancaster”]

[amazon box=”B076112PYR”]

A price between $$$ to $$$ makes for an excellent buy. This full-size pool table comes with a complete set of equipment including cue sticks and a rack.

Amazon customers handed this pool table 4.3 stars out of 5 stars and commented on the excellent price for what you get. However, one customer pointed out that, for them, the surface was a tad slow.


[amazon link=”B00LPEBDN8″ title=”Playcraft” /]

[amazon box=”B00LPEBDN8″]

Not all pool tables are the same size. For some people, a smaller, kid-sized version does the trick and Playcraft makes a great pool table that fits this category.

This 40-inch mini pool table does its job well.

If you buy it for your kids, they’ll want you to set it up as soon as you get it. Fortunately, that’s easy to do when all you do is take it out of the box and extend the legs. That’s it!

Playing equipment comes included, and a green billiard cloth makes the kids feel like an adult.

A pro for the pool table is its size. It’s small enough that it fits in practically any room. A con mentioned by customers is that the side pockets are difficult to shoot your pool balls into.

Still, the product received 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. And with a price range between $$ to $$, this buy is one of the best ones you can make all year.


[amazon link=”B07BFH45H7″ title=”Vulcan” /]

[amazon box=”B07BFH45H7″]

Adaptability is a common theme the best pool table brands have in common with each other. If you have a table that isn’t adjustable in one way or another, it doesn’t fit into today’s world. Luckily, the Vulcan brand fits this mold.

Adjustable feet means you change the height for your players. At seven feet, it’s a standard length and a dark brown and red color palette makes it stand out from the crowd.

The table comes fully equipped with balls and rack, and a pro from customers is that the table is quite large. A lot of people can play at once, and that enhances the fun for some. As of this writing, customers didn’t have any negative comments about the brand.

You can purchase this table for between $$$ and $$$. A solid rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon means this table deserves to be at least considered when the discussion turns to the best pool table brands.


[amazon link=”B018E2LLTY” title=”Imperial Outdoor” /]

[amazon box=”B018E2LLTY”]

At a price between $$$ to $$$, this pool table is expensive. However, it’s well worth the investment. The large eight-foot frame makes for a big table, and it’s easy to put together. Just bolt the legs and level the surface and you’re good to go.

Aluminum rails, corners, and legs mean the table is sturdy. The best part? The surface is waterproof, so spilling something isn’t the end of the world. The best pool table brands hone in on these little details.

A pro from customers deals with the extremely smooth surface. The only con mentioned is that you need around four adults to put it together and lift it because of the weight. Amazon customers have it 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.


[amazon link=”B000VUDC22″ title=”Fat Cat” /]

[amazon box=”B000VUDC22″]

The best pool table brands combine a lot of different factors together to create a great pool table. Fat Cat does just that with a pool table aimed at younger kids and beginners.

At six and a half feet, the table isn’t as big as the standard tables. The compact design makes for a great fit in your house. It’s also lightweight, so there’s no need for multiple helpers to set it up.

A pro many people commented on is the smooth surface of the table. A negative, according to some customers, deals with the cue sticks feeling cheaply made.

This table garnered 4.7 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. With a cost between $$$ to $$$, this table is, overall, a solid choice.


[amazon link=”B076615L51″ title=”Olhausen” /]

[amazon box=”B076615L51″]

Olhausen believes in personalization. It exemplifies this by adding a fun customization option to one of their pool tables.

You choose the color of the surface cloth to represent your personality best. Besides that, the eight-foot pool table brandishes a maple and fruitwood finish.

Along with the aesthetic, the table comes with a complete set of equipment and a high-grade one-inch slate top.

Finally, Olhausen helps install the pool table in your home. For a price between $$$ to $$$, the Olhausen brand is worth looking into.

This specific pool table has amassed 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and a pro from a customer comment mentioned the quality materials that make up the pool table. No negative comments were left at the time of this writing.


[amazon link=”B00KMFRKRY” title=”Valley-Dynamo” /]

[amazon box=”B00KMFRKRY”]

Valley-Dynamo makes an excellent case for itself when the best pool table brands are mentioned. A great example of their work is the seven-foot table that comes with a unique feature.

This specific pool table takes coins to operate. While it might not be the best choice for the average pool table buyer, it’s perfect for both people who own bars or collectors of pool tables.

Easy use of leveling the legs means you don’t need to put a lot of effort into setting the table up. A classic green felt surface adds to the nostalgia factor.

A pro from customers is that the table is sturdy. But, the cons mentioned deals with the sturdiness as well. It’s cumbersome and needs multiple people for a safe setup.

A hefty price tag comes with this luxury item — the pool table costs between $$$ to $$$. With 5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon, this table shines with greatness if you’re willing to shell out the cash.


[amazon link=”B07BZYGT12″ title=”HJ Scott” /]

[amazon box=”B07BZYGT12″]

Priced between $$$ to $$$, this HJ Scott pool table represents the best of the HJ Scott brand. Craftsmanship stands out with them as the solid wood frame of this pool table proves.

Your choice of either an antique grey stained Douglas Fir or Espresso stained Maple color means personalization is important. Also, the wood and steel legs make for a sturdy pool table. Finally, the leather drop pockets mean this table is of the highest quality.

A customer commented on how reliable the table is, and this met their expectations of the table. No cons were mentioned in the customer comments of this pool table. It even received 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, placing it among the best pool table brands.

Our Choice For The Best Pool Table Brand That Is Worth Your Investment: HJ Scott

[amazon box=”B07BZYGT12″]

HJ Scott is always on the cutting edge of high-quality pool tables, and they always put out quality products. The steel and wood legs give you a rustic yet modern look, and your choice of color means your preferences are at the heart of the table.

An expensive table, but worth every penny.

Pick a Brand and Start Playing Today

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All of these pool table brands are worthy of a buy. However, most people only buy one or two in their life. So, make sure you choose the one that’s right for you. Whether it’s a mini table for the kids or a large eight-foot table for the veterans, they all lead to fun.

Does one of these pool tables stand out as the right choice for you? Which one? Let us know in the comments below.


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