Olhausen Pool Table Review: Important Things to Think About

Olhausen Pool Table inside the house

If you know a thing or two about popular billiards brands, you know that Olhausen is a luxury brand. Just look at any Olhausen pool table review, and you’ll see the kind of quality this brand offers. If you’re new to the sport, it probably won’t be long before you become accustomed to this name.

Taking a look at an Olhausen pool table review will help you to see what this brand is all about. Some say that Olhausen makes the best pool tables, and most agree that they are one of the best.

However, it’s up to you to do your research to decide if an Olhausen pool table is right for you. Reading an Olhausen pool table review and looking at customer reviews are great sources of information. But you should also learn about the company.

About Olhausen Billiards

While some companies have been around longer, Olhausen Billiards makes up the difference in quality.

Co-founders Butch and Don Olhausen grew up with a father that was constantly installing and re-covering pool tables. The two brothers started their own company doing the same work in 1972. They delivered for a single pool table manufacturing business, but this only lasted for about a year.

In 1973, Butch and Don bought the manufacturing business that was only making 35 tables a year. Within 2 years, they were making and selling over 300 tables. Now, they sell over 30,000 pool tables each year to customers in a variety of areas.

You will learn from any Olhausen pool table review that this company makes all of their tables in the United States. They even source their lumber from the northeastern part of the country.

That’s because those kinds of trees are slow growers, which means they have a tighter grain than other trees. A tighter grain makes the best pool table because it’s less likely to experience discoloration.

Olhausen builds each pool table in their warehouse in Tennessee and triple checks each one for quality before it ships. Because of this, it makes for much easier installation in your home.

Features of an Olhausen pool table

You will also find a variety of features in an Olhausen pool table review. In fact, each table has a diamond-honed slate that makes a superior playing surface. The company then checks each slate to ensure it’s perfectly flat and has bolt-holes in all the right places.

Olhausen also offers a wide variety of pool tables, which they categorize into different series. For example, you can pick a table from the Americana, Modern, or Tournament series. Each series has a slightly different style.

The specific model we will focus on is the Belmont from the Americana series. It has thick, sturdy legs that have a simple carving in them. It also has netted pockets, so you can see where each ball falls.

You can buy this pool table in either seven feet or eight feet in length, and there are some options to customize available to you. There are limited finish options for the wood, and you can choose between 24 different cloth colors.

Olhausen may not offer the same customization options as Connelly, but choosing different colors will allow you to match your table to your home decor.

Any Olhausen pool table review will also tell you that each pool table comes with a lifetime warranty. Some parts of the table do not apply, and you will void the warranty if you don’t have an Olhausen specialist install the table in your home. If you would like the exact details of the warranty, Olhausen has posted it on their website.

When it comes to price, you can expect to spend quite a bit of money on an Olhausen pool table. These are high quality, luxury pool tables, after all. However, this pool table will last much longer than the cheaper models find online.

The customers’ Olhausen pool table review

No Olhausen pool table review is complete without examining the customer reviews. It’s one thing to see what the company claims its product will do, but it’s even more important if the product meets the customer’s expectations.

Because this is an expensive pool table, you want to make sure it is well worth your money.

There are very few reviews on Amazon, so it’s important to look at other sources as well.

When it comes to other pages and forums online, you will find mixed reviews. As stated previously, some people love Olhausen pool tables, and others think there are better brands out there. From what the reviews say, it likely depends on what kind of pool player you are.

If you like to casually play pool with your friends and want a fancy table in your home, Olhausen is perfect. They make exquisite tables that you will love to show off.

On the other hand, professional players may find Olhausen pool tables a bit disappointing. That’s because they are used to playing on larger tables with different features. In this case, they would benefit from a different pool table brand.

How Olhausen Pool Tables Compare to Other Brands

Olhausen Pool Table

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Any good Olhausen pool table review will also discuss the competition because odds are, you are trying to find a pool table brand to purchase.

Unless you are loyal to Olhausen, it’s worth knowing what the features are in other highly-rated pool table brands. That can help you see which brand offers the best pool table for you.

When looking for great pool table brands in the same price range as Olhausen, there are several that are available to you.

Brunswick is another big name in the billiards world, as well as Playcraft and Imperial. Each has great features that you should examine to see if an Olhausen pool table is the best for you.Not only should an Olhausen pool table review look at customer reviews, but it should also acknowledge other websites that discuss pool table brands.

How We Reviewed

We wanted to find all the information we could about Olhausen and its competitors so that you can make an informed decision.

You should find sources that have looked at both of these, as well as the Olhausen Billiards website and display the facts for you. We have also examined some of Olhausen’s top competitors, so you can see how it compares.

While we have compiled the information you need, you will have to make the decision yourself. You know what your specific requirements and wants are, so only you can tell which pool table is the best.

Playcraft Brazos River

[amazon box=”B06XDVTB79″]

You can purchase a Playcraft Brazos River pool table for a slightly lower price than the Olhausen Belmont. It’s the standard length of eight feet, and the wood has a distressed weathered barn finish. It’s great if you prefer a rustic look to match your home decor.

This slate pool table has a trestle style leg that is reminiscent of a picnic table. While there isn’t much you can customize, you can choose the cloth color.

Playcraft has 25 different colors to choose from, so you can make it match your home easily.

Also, this pool table comes with a one-year warranty. The company also states that this table should last you a long time, so you can enjoy playing pool at home for many years to come. Just remember that you’ll have to find a professional to install it for you.

The only downside one customer saw was that their table was missing some hardware during installation. If you notice something similar, be sure to contact the manufacturer.

Brunswick Oakland II

[amazon box=”B007Z1Z7WS”]

Brunswick is another company to look into if you want a high-quality pool table. The ​Brunswick Oakland II pool table has a classic look with satisfying straight lines. It has paneled wood legs and sides that give just enough detail without overdoing it.

This slate pool table has solid wood rails and even two storage drawers for your best pool cues, balls, and accessories. In fact, the larger drawer can hold as many as 10 pool cues.

When it comes to customization, there are a few options available through Brunswick. You can choose between a chestnut or espresso stain, as well as either shield or fringe pockets.

There are also 14 cloth colors available, which is enough for you to find one that matches your home best.

When it comes to price, this pool table sits right between the price of the Olhausen Belmont and the Playcraft Brazos River. It appears to have the same luxurious feel as the Olhausen brand.

Like the Olhausen Belmont, this appears to be a great pool table for beginners and casual players. However, it may not be up to the standards of professional players.

Imperial The Shadow

[amazon box=”B018E2LH5C”]

Imperial is another name that you have probably heard when it comes to billiards. If not, now is the time to look into the company. Imperial offers a variety of billiards products, but we’ll focus on The Shadow for the time being.

This slate pool table is eight feet long, just like the other tables we have discussed. However, it has a unibody construction that makes it so almost anyone can assemble it. It even comes with assembly instructions to help you out.

The solid wood tapered legs and leather drop pockets act as an aesthetically-pleasing accent on this table. It comes in a matte black finish, so there’s not much that you can customize with this pool table.

It’s also important to note that this Imperial pool table is that it doesn’t come with a cloth, so you have to purchase your own separately.

Depending on how you look at it, this can be a good or a bad thing. It’s great because you get to choose whichever type and color of cloth you want.

Others may be disappointed because having to buy a cloth means they will have to spend even more money. However, The Shadow is a great deal cheaper than the Olhausen Belmont, so you can buy cloth without spending near as much as the other pool tables listed.

They state that the quality is great, but they still found the price to be a bit much.

Olhausen Pool Table Pros and Cons

It is crucial for every Olhausen pool table review to examine both the pros and cons of the product. While this is a luxury brand, not everyone will find their pool tables perfect.

Be sure to do your own research to ensure that you agree with these pros and cons.


  • Customizable wood finish and cloth
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty included in price
  • Company triple checks for quality
  • Great customer reviews
  • Perfect for casual players


  • Requires professional installation
  • Expensive
  • May not meet professional player standards

How an Olhausen Pool Table Review Immerses You into Luxury Billiards

After looking at an Olhausen pool table review, as well as customer reviews, it’s easy to tell that these are luxury pool tables.

They are an excellent accent piece in your home that brings a sense of elegance. Not only that, but you can gather with your family members or friends around it after dinner to play a round of pool.

Olhausen pool tables may not be up to professional players’ standards, but they will make any casual player happy.

They offer enough customization that you can make the pool table your own. Odds are, there won’t be many others that will have the exact same pool table as you.

They also consist of high-quality materials, so you are guaranteed to have a product that will last a long time with proper care. While the price is not for everyone, others will see the luxury as worth the price.

Have you ever played on an Olhausen pool table? Tell us your thoughts about this brand in the comments section.

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